Empathy Is Important In Inspirational Leadership

It Matters That You Care

It matters to people that you care, and this is the first step to being successful in inspirational leadership. Just as James F. Hind, a leadership expert said "People want to know how much you care before they care how much you know". If you want to inspire people and be effective as a leader, care about people and show them that you do.

Effected leadership requires certain qualities. Whether you are a CEO, or are working for an organization, you have to know how to inspire and motivate your people. If you want to exert true leadership influence, move your people from the hearts and motivation. A leader that inspires is a leader that people want to follow. Having a willing followership is a mark of genuine leadership. A leader is at his best if he can inspire his followers.

Inspiration Starts From You

What makes inspirational leadership effective? You can't give what you haven't got and you can't teach what you do not know. To be inspirational, you thus first should be inspired. Inspiration must be within you before you can cultivate it in others. What is the best source of inspiration?

The strongest relationships you nurture are one of the best sources of inspiration. Surrounded by love and security and instilled with healthy self esteem, you can appreciate the positives in life more than the negatives. Or even amid the negative, you can choose to be positive. This is your own source of inspiration. With the joy and optimism in you, you can also extend the same to others. Positivity is contagious. A positive and uplifting person can clear the surrounding haze and the muddle with their optimistic and encouraging attitude.

Empathy and Inspiration

When empathy is mutual in your relationships, then you become aware of its meaning. You have lived and learned it, and you can apply it in your leadership. What is empathy? Empathy is the ability to recognize yourself in the other person. It's the proverbial "putting yourself in one's shoes". In empathy you appreciate two people- yourself and the other person. You have to go beyond your ego and selfishness when you practice empathy. You have to be strong to possess this quality.

As an empathic and inspirational leader, people will see you as a resource and this places you in a position of trust. Empathy and inspiration in leadership need you to have both a strong appreciation for yourself and a strong appreciation for others.

As a leader, you are a beacon and people will look to you for guidance and illumination. Instill and nurture the light in you so that you can truly respond to the responsibilities of your calling.

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