Take the Guesswork Out of Improving Performance at Work

Taking the guesswork out of improving performance at work can be easier than any leader thinks. There are many different organizations out there in the world with several different structures when it comes to roles and positions. From my experience, it doesn't matter what company a leader works for, every role/position is crucial to the overall success of the organization itself. Some people would say that the leader is the most important person which I agree with to a certain extent but without people working under him/her, there is no organization. Each leader's primary function is to develop the vision, share the vision, and then teach coach and counsel their people towards that vision. Each company needs as many strong leaders as they can find or develop but they cannot do all of the work themselves.

There are just far too many tasks that need to be completed on a daily basis. So, why do I bring this up? It is because a leader needs to understand that their people as a whole bring just as much of value to the table as they do. Both parties need each other in order to be successful. This is why it is so important that one of the first things they do within the organization is Level the Playing Field. They can do this by letting it be known that no one is better than the next person, that everyone's role or position is just as important as the next, and that everyone has the same opportunities. Improving performance at work is a simple as implementing this strategy along with its simple tips. Now let's jump right into this by going into a lot more detail on each point.

The first thing a leader needs to establish in both his or her mind as well as the minds of the other people within their area of the organization that they are responsible for, is that no one is better than the next person. People were not born better then the next person so why should things change now or ever. When people realize this, it keeps both morale and confidence high because it gives them a feeling of significance within the organization. Significance is one of the six basic human needs that have to be fulfilled just about everyday.

Once established, work performance as well as productivity reaches its highest point which leads to morale reaching its highest point. Leaders have a responsibility to do everything in their power to protect the self image of their people. When a leader does not do this, they're leaving a window open for people to mistreat other people either on purpose or by accident. There is no "I" in team and it takes team work to make the dream work. The leader has to get people to understand that they are all on the same team and the only way they are going to succeed at a high level is by total collaboration. I want to hear your feedback so visit my blog to leave comments on this piece of information.

Second, the leader needs to help his people understand that everyone's role or position within the organization is just as important as the next. This is critical when it comes to improving performance at work. There is no possible way that things can run smoothly and as efficient as possible if any one of the roles is missing. This has a lot to do with what was just mentioned with a slight difference. Before I was talking about having mutual respect with one another, here I want to talk strictly about goals and positions. Traditionally, people would say that that each of these roles or positions has different levels of importance. I can clearly understand why people would say something like that but I believe that they are not seeing the big picture. Yes, leaders are extremely important. Yes, leaders on the ones with the vision. Yes, leaders can make or break a company and I can go on and on but is only true to a certain extent.

For example, let's say we have a leader who is running a supermarket. This leader can be a store manager, assistant store manager, customer service manager, etc. Now let's say that it's a Saturday and the person that collects the carts outside called out and for whatever reason could not come to work that day. It's so busy that customers are starting to complain that there are no carts inside of the building for them to shop with because they're all outside in the parking lot. No one else will come in to work to fill the shift and nobody else in the store has time to help out because they're so busy doing what they have to do. Right now the cart retrieval position looks like the most important position in the store for that day because it's the biggest problem at that time.

The truth is that the cart retrieval position is one of the most important jobs in the store but people only realize it when the position is not filled. Every job is important and an organization cannot reach success with holes in their structure over a long period of time. When a leader understands this and utilizes this knowing, improving performance at work becomes easy. All roles and positions are just as important as the next and need to be treated that way all of the time no matter what is going on.

Lastly, a leader needs to work towards making sure that each and every one of his people within his organization understands that everyone has the same opportunities to succeed. During many of my years in management, I have seen so many people stuck in the same spot for years. Some of them even complain about where they are and believe that they can't do anything about. I have seen and personally know people that are still doing the same job today that they were doing when I first started with the company that I used to work for. Some are happy where they and others are not. When I talk to these people I hear statements like "I keep getting passed over", "I'm entitled to a promotion", "I'm the next in line", "It's not fair", and so on. All of this focusing on the negative does them no good and just keeps attracting crap into their life. People need to realize that they can be, do, or have anything that they want within reason within the organization.

Every time I do a presentation to a group of people I always have them say out loud in the very beginning "if it is to happen for me it is up to only me". From my experience, people just don't realize how much power they truly had in their hands right now. It doesn't have to be complicated. They just have to decide what they want, get focused on it, and take massive action. It's really that simple. If people don't know this they will become negative and not only take them down the wrong road but will take the other people down with them too. Improving performance at work becomes very difficult when there's a bunch of people like this in one environment. Negativity in the workplace destroys productivity, performance, and morale. As a leader you either want your people to be happy with where they are or if they want more point them in the direction to get there. Mentor them, coach them, guide them, and help them get to the position that they really want.

In conclusion, improving performance at work can occur very easily when the leaders levels the playing field. The leader plays a huge role in the success of the organization that they're running but he/she cannot do it alone. They need people to help them with all of the tasks that take place on a daily basis. In order for the leader to maximize the productivity of the people, he/she must help them understand that no one is better than anyone, that everyone's role or position is important, and that everyone has the exact same opportunities to succeed within the organization. This will help people understand that they are important no matter what their role is in the company. They are needed and appreciated which leads to the foundation of a very strong team. Now, shoot over to my blog and share your comments and questions with me right now! If you enjoyed this information you will more great tips like these there as well.

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