Developing a Winning Team of Men in Ministry

Men in Ministry, to be effective, must be a unified team. Your challenge, if you choose to accept it, is to develop that team.

What is the problem? The group of men that you will be leading is diversified, from all different walks of life. They all have different challenges, different motivations and different everything else. To lay the foundation for a unified ministry you will need to bring them together around the ministry vision, which is then supported by each of the smaller objectives of the ministry. It is vital to have the men participate in setting the vision as well as all the smaller objectives. This will help create the unity that you need to have a winning team. Once unified, I believe, the ministry will be unstoppable. From the successes of the ministry, the dynamic growth will come.

The power of unity in ministry is made very clear throughout the Bible. No place is it clearer than in Acts, Chapter 2:1. "When the day of Pentecost had fully come, they were all with one accord in one place." They were all totally on the same page. We do not know how many people entered the upper room, where everyone was together. It may have been hundreds of people, but we do know that when the day of Pentecost came there were 120 people in the room, unified. Then the greatest revival ever, hit the people in the room and in the town. There was fire, wind and a huge sound, which brought the town together, with the people from the room. Time for church! Peter then gives a sermon and 3,000 people join the 120 people. Talk about growth; from 120 to 3,120 people in one day. Unity, which brought the Holy Spirit, was the critical element.

Talk about power. Remember, Peter, some 53 days earlier, denied Jesus and now he is boldly testifying to His death and resurrection. He is doing this among many of the same people to whom, out of fear for his life, he so vehemently denied Him.

During the waiting in the upper room, they most likely had a self-selection process, where people decided that they no longer believed in the goal and left. I would suspect that as people decided to leave there was some prodding; "oh please stay." That never works in ministry. People stay because they believe in the rich common goal.

You need to agree on the goals. I do not agree with quantity goals. For example, we need 100 men in the ministry. We need to reach out to the men of the local church and be relevant to them. Whether you are group of 5 or 50 men. We then need to reach out to the city and be relevant to it. We will do this with common prayer, fasting and common attractive activities, which can demonstrate the value of the Men's Ministry to all the men in the church and in the city. The size, in numbers, of active members of the ministry is not important. The strength from the unity of the men in the ministry is the power, which will drive the successes. People want to be part of successful organizations from here comes the growth.

In Glad Tidings Mens Ministry International, we are active men in ministry making a difference, one man at a time.

Our vision is to love God, Love our families, love each other and love the community of San Francisco, CA. It is our mission to demonstrate this love in all aspects of our lives.

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