Are You an Accidental Leader? Sometimes They Are the Best Kind

Perhaps you've seen the movie which is set off into a future dystopia where a former mailman ends up the leader of a rebel force which overthrows the two-bit ruthless dictator of the local authority. In many regards you could call him the accidental leader, someone who rises up from the people, and is loved and respected by those who choose to follow. Some might say this is a natural leader coming into fruition due to the scenario and present events he happens to find himself thrust into. Now then, I would like to talk to you for a moment about how accidental leadership happens.

Now then, perhaps you are reading this article because you are an accidental Leader, or you are the sidekick, wing man, and/or assistant of someone who has just become one of those types of leaders. That is to say; he has been chosen by his peers, and has also accepted the responsibility. Perhaps, because there is a job to be done - he feels confident in doing it, and has the wisdom and belief of those around him to make it happen. Not everyone has the strength of character inside to do such a thing, and even those that do may not come forward due to the inherent social risks.

Nevertheless, sometimes there comes a point when it is no longer acceptable to sit on the sidelines, perhaps the individual has strong moral character, and can no longer allow whatever is taking place to go on, from their point of view of course. Therefore, they take action, and the rest is history as those who later try to piece together what happened and how this accidental leader rose to power. Often the accidental leader didn't rise as much as they were thrust into that leadership role.

Have you ever noticed that folks in this position often fit into that leadership role as if it was a glove being put on? Not like the O.J. Simpson glove, rather one that fits quite well? In the famous philosophical work "The Prince" Machiavellian describes such transformation, and explains that folks who are born into power, or work within the system to later seize power must often lead by fear, whereas a prince who comes from the people can lead with love, respect, and admiration of the followers without the use of fear.

If you are an Accidental Leader you need to understand these principles if you are to fit into this new role of yours. Often, those that enter the leadership arena and find themselves in this situation by happenstance eventually turn out to be the very best leaders of all. There's something to be said from understanding the people, and being one with them that makes all the difference.

In fact, you might even note that many of our leaders today worked very hard to position themselves as just the "common Joe on the street" and yet, still possess the leadership talent, abilities, and moral strength of character to lead. Indeed I hope you will please consider all this and think on it.

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