Leadership Coaching: The Power To Dream Big

Leadership Has A Vision

Dream big. What your mind can conceive, you can turn into reality. Great achievements come from fervid and zealous dreams. At times you might think your dreams are outrageous, and some people might scoff, but know that only you are the limit to what you can achieve. It starts with a dream. Leadership is a position of power and influence, but not in the sense to subjugate or coerce others. Power in leadership comes from within. It comes from courage and it moves people to act from their hearts and motivation. Influence in leadership is exerted by making people want to follow, not compelling them to follow.

As a leader and as a force that influences people, you have the privilege to dream big. You can thus achieve big as a result. And in your success, you include your followers. You dream in behalf of your team as a leader. Yes, leadership is expected to be stern and resolute, and being wishy washy may seem inappropriate. But leadership is about dreaming, otherwise known in technical terms as "having a vision". Leadership needs to have a vision, something to aim for, something to work for and something to achieve. Having a cause to fight for. Without a purpose, without a reason for being, leadership is futile.

How To Inspire Elegant Courage

Leadership inspires and instills courage in its people. A leader, to be effective, must have elegant courage. What is elegant courage? It is clarity of one's core values and being resolute to adhere to these core values both in good and bad times. How do you inspire leadership courage?

Claim the power to dream big. You may have fears and inhibitions, reluctant about envisioning a magnificent achievement. Nonetheless, don't let the word "impossible" block your vision. If you settle for mediocre dreams, then all you get are mediocre achievements. Dream freely and don't let your fears limit you. Let positivity prevail and think "if the problem does not exist, what more can I achieve"?
Include your people in your dreams. A leader does not do it alone. His force boosts the force of his people, and his people boost his power. Be a leader worthy of the respect and support of your followers. Take your people with you in your dream and realize that they will walk with you all the way. Conceive a supportive force in your mind and it will manifest in your leadership.
Be the catalyst of growth and achievement. It all begins with you as a leader because you have been bestowed with the power to make a difference. Being the best you can be in your leadership needs you to have elegant courage. Nurture elegant courage in you and you can create astounding achievements.

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