Doing The Right Thing In Management And Leadership

Everyone Has The Potential For Greatness

Leadership is seen to be a great role bound to do great deeds. When people think of leadership, they often think of the President or the founders of nations, magnificent CEO's of pioneering companies and well- loved philanthropists like Mother Teresa. Others deem leadership as a burden, a stern calling that drains a person's happiness. Then again, on a better light, leadership is also perceived as a blessing that conjures happiness for having achieved something worthy. Is leadership predestined? Is it a birthright of the chosen ones? The question remains.

The word "leader" is typically associated with prominent people. However, it is not always the case. Leadership is not confined to positions of power, although these are among the various leadership roles. Yes, there are people born to be leaders, but there are many others who have honed and utilized their leadership abilities along the way later in their lives. Everyone of us is potentially a leader. Just beneath a layer of our beings or hidden below 10 more is the seed, the spark or the potential for greatness of a leader.

What Makes A Leader?

As a school president, you become a leader. Yet anywhere else at school, in the classroom or among your friends, you can also practice leadership. In the workplace, occupying a management or executive rank makes you a leader. But you can also shine with leadership within your team or in your next neighboring cubicles of co-workers. When you fight for a cause or offer help in big and small ways, you become a leader, particularly when your deeds have a lasting effect on other people.

As a leader, you can lead people to good or bad. As a true leader, nonetheless, you need to have elegant courage. Elegant courage is clarity of your core values and having the resolve to adhere to your values both in good and bad times. You ought to know the difference between right and wrong and you decide to do the right thing.

Management And Leadership

Leadership is a noble calling. A true leader goes beyond his ego or personal interests. A leader has followers, and this followership is valued.

In the corporate setting, managers are seen as leaders. It used to be that managers yell and give orders and they are esteemed because of their authority and position. The focus on leadership has now shifted wherein management and leadership are aligned. Managers and leaders both do things right and do the right thing.

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