What's Your Comfort Rating?

Late last year I was driving around town with a good friend of mine. He was going to sign some papers for a property he had purchased for his ever-expanding business. It's been a good couple of years for him!

We were met by the agent who ushered us into a boardroom, where the papers were signed and the deal was done. It took all of 5 minutes. When we were out of the building my friend remarked that the office had a cold feeling to it. He also added that the agent couldn't wait to get us out of there.

I was intrigued. We hadn't been rude. We looked professional. We exchanged all the pleasantries that one might expect in these situations. I just had to ask. "I don't get it... What do you mean?"

He replied with, "did you notice the chairs?"

To be honest I did notice them... but I didn't take much notice of them.

That's when I really got intrigued...

He said "they're only 10 minute chairs".

See, my friend has been fitting out residential and commercial properties for many years and he knew that chairs are designed according to how long you can feel comfortable sitting in them.

The chairs in the agent's office were cold, hard plastic. They were designed to only have someone sitting in them for 10 minutes before they get uncomfortable and start to think about getting up and getting out. The same chairs are used in McDonald's, Hungry Jacks and most other fast food outlets. It's not good for business if "fast food" becomes slow to eat.

Of course, other chairs are rated at 20 minutes... even 60 minutes. Businesses with those kinds of chairs are inviting you to stay. They are happy for you to hang around. They probably even want you to come back!

And this got me thinking...

What's your comfort rating?

Are you a "10 minute" leader? Happy to chat with your team for 10 minutes but then make them just uncomfortable enough that they know it's time to move on. Do you have a cold, hard vibe that is getting picked up by the people around you?

Maybe you're a "60 min" leader? People are happy in your presence and don't feel rushed to move on. You make them feel at ease and comfortable to do what needs to be done?

Maybe you're a couch? People are so comfortable they could hang around you all day and never feel out of place?

Whatever your comfort rating, it's important to recognize the effect you're having on the people around you. This is key to being an emotionally intelligent leader. One who can use the gentle hand of influence to get things done... (NOT the forceful hand of manipulation)

So, how comfortable are you?

Here's to higher success...

Dean Evans is a Leadership Performance Strategist based in Adelaide, Australia. With more than 10 years of leadership roles in the field of Allied Health he has a wealth of experience in understanding what it takes to operate at peak levels in pressure environments.

As the Director of Altitude Performance Solutions his mission is simple... "Create Tomorrow's Leaders Today". He is also a qualified Performance Coach and an Accredited Consultant in Extended DISC Performance Profiling.

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