Leadership Principle: Learning The Law of Process

To lead your team, a successful network marketer will inspire and clearly define what it takes for success. While some people seem to be born with strong leadership abilities, it is a skill that anyone can learn. Everyone has the potential to lead and influence, but it requires perseverance. Leadership is a collection of skills that are learned and improved upon... leaders are learners. John C. Maxwell calls this the Law of Process.

He explains that leadership skills take time to master based upon your experience, people skills, emotional strength, discipline, vision, momentum, and timing. The learning process is ongoing, it cannot be learned overnight.

The goal of each day must be to get a little better, to build on the previous day's progress. - John C. Maxwell

The Law of Process Requires Daily Discipline

You need to have self-discipline to master these skills. Don't think that leadership is only for a few people who have a natural ability. You need to change your mindset and take action. Many opportunities will pass you by if you don't learn to lead. Work on your leadership skills daily and you will greatly improve your influence on others around you. You have to be intentional in your steps toward personal growth.

Once you grasp the concept of daily discipline for personal growth, you will begin to see exciting things start to happen. Strive for excellence in all you do, and be hungry to learn and grow. Working on your leadership skills daily will eventually develop a competence that will make you highly effective to lead your network marketing team.

If the Law of Process is applied day after day, you will alter your mindset in a very positive way. After time your leadership seems to be almost automatic. Your instincts are spot on. However, you have to pay the price and work on leadership skills daily.

If you want to see where someone develops into a champion, look at his daily routine. - John C. Maxwell.

Anyone can be a leader, but do not expect leadership to be learned overnight - you cannot ignore the Law of Process. Realize it will take time as you change your mindset and work on personal development. Be sure to schedule time daily to work on this. This new mindset will eventually be automatic for you. Take positive action daily and you will find that what you can accomplish is remarkable!

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