Personal Leadership In Action

Whats your breaking point? Here is personal leadership in action. A young stay at home mother one day asks her husband for 10 bucks. The husband asks what for? Silently Ann (The young mother) was disgusted. She promised herself before that day ended that she would never ask for money again from her hubby.

She immediately started to study opportunity. She put in the hours, she did the classes. This woman has no formal education but something changed in her when she was asked to explain herself to her husband for a measly 10 bucks. Ultimately the reason she asked that day was for her child and it was her child who became the reason why she embarked on her new journey. That was all of 20 years ago when Ann was 20 living in New York State.

Now 20 years on Ann lives in New York city and funnily enough is with the same man. There is also a lesson to learned here and the lesson is forgiveness. Ann would never be the person she is today unless her hubby reacted like that on that faithful day. Ann now is a managing director of a multi-national company based out of New York. She earns a 7 figure salary and she has kept her promise. Since that faithful day she has never had to ask her hubby for money once again. What a remarkable story. Ann now holds a business degree as well as a Masters in Business (MBA).

Here is what you can learn from Ann's story. No matter where you are in your life right now, there is always time to change. A man in his eighties told me last year that he had been very successful in business up to now but his best is yet to come. Your best is also yet to come but you must make a ruthless decision. I say ruthless because decision comes from the Latin work "to cut" or to "cut off". When you cut off something, you are without something for life. It is permanent.

It is the same with a decision. When one really makes a decision, there is no way back. Decide now, what do you want and if you know what it is, go after it with the vigor and strength you know you possess, something similar to Ann. A wise man once said "Nothing can stop a person who will stake their very existence for their purpose" which basically means I will achieve this or die.

So my question to you is "are you ready to find out who you really are? "

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