Leadership Coaching: The Natural Leader

What Are Natural Leaders?

It´s one or the other- being a leader or being a follower. Natural leadership qualities spring from the nature of a leader. On the other hand, if a person is contented with merely complying and submitting, being delegated to than leading, then that is the nature of a follower. What drives natural leadership abilities?

Leadership comes from the core, basically. That is, a person´s emotional needs drive them to be a leader. People who want to stand out, lead and be apart from the mediocre often has the need to be right, be better than others, be recognized and be acknowledged. They want to hold authority and power. There are different kinds of leaders, nonetheless. Some leaders are inclined to succumb to greed, vanity, arrogance and impatience. Leadership is power and authority over people, that´s why it is most sought after by the ambitious. Leadership does take guts and courage.

Leadership Core Values And Courage

But what about true leaders? What makes true leaders? True leaders are leaders at heart. They are connected to their own source of power and ability. Leadership is not what it is if it does not aim to achieve goals. To attain goals, a leader must have the courage. There is the need to win. Several elements comprise leadership courage. To be a courageous leader, one should have motivation and determination.

True leadership is courageous because it believes in its core values. Some leaders are driven to exert their power and subdue because of their fears and false beliefs about authority and responsibility, but this is not true leadership.

Leadership is beset by random circumstances, and true leadership is defined by its ability to respond. Despite the conflict and the surrounding dramas, a true leader responds with focus and composure. A true leader knows his or her true power, and it gives them courage. Leaders do have fears, but true leadership does not get overwhelmed by their reservations. Instead, they see the bigger picture and remain committed to the goal. They lead their own lives exemplary in the same way that they lead people effectively.

True Leaders Are Gifted

It takes a certain gift to be a leader, and this makes them distinct from followers. True leaders are by nature, intuitive. They know their authority, vision and life path. They are confident of their choices. True leaders feel their own power and identity. They are in touch with their inspiration and empowerment. They see their mission, creativity, reality and ability. A true leader knows that his or her journey is going to be different. More than following a path, a leader has to discover and seek paths. There are unknown perils to brave, that´s why it takes real courage to respond to the call of leadership.

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