Leadership Coaching: The Qualities Of Personal Leadership

Personal leadership stems from personal mastery. It is when a person knows what needs to be done and takes the initiative to do it even without being told. The major element of personal leadership is self- confidence strengthened by conviction and understanding. What are the qualities of personal leadership?

Traits Of A Personal Leader

Centered. A leader needs to understand himself first before he can lead others. Know your own mind if you want to be a leader. A centered person has a sense of grounding which may come from his family, his education or spiritual beliefs.
Outward- directed. If you know yourself and are self- confident, people will feel they can trust you and easily follow. Are you secure in your beliefs? People will naturally follow a leader if they feel he is credible. The most important factor in leadership and followerships is confidence. A follower should have the confidence to follow his leader.
Conviction. A leader needs to have courage. Are you able to take a stand on uncomfortable issues? Your conviction determines the success of your goal, whether it is the completion of a project, a new marketing initiative or the development of a new application, for example. You should know how to exert your will and adhere to it, and that takes courage. Having the courage of conviction is not the same as being bull- headed. A good leader knows the difference between unreasonable stubbornness and being resolute but prudent enough to listen to others.
Liberating. This means knowing how to look outward yet being secure within yourself at the same time. You are able to free yourself from the bother of second guessing. One of the most important tasks of a leader is to delegate responsibility. Labor is divided, after which the leader stands back to let people do their job. In this case, personal leadership is liberating. It allows people and the team as a whole to fulfill their own potential.

As a leader grows and expands, so does their leadership. A leader exerts personal responsibility over themselves and others. As a result, the leader as a person, and other people become better.

Leadership then, has to be personal. It is something that comes from the core beliefs and self confidence of an individual. From himself as a solid source of strength, leadership then endeavors to make other people and the organization better and ultimately become successful. Make leadership personal.

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