Leaders Visualize Success

When someone becomes a leader, his or her attitude and perceptions, to a very large degree, are determining factors as to his future success and accomplishments. When someone visualizes something wonderful occurring as a result of actions, it puts him in the mind set to approach the situation in a very positive, upbeat, proactive manner. On the other hand, when leaders begin a project with fear and trepidations, and see the problems instead of the opportunities, they often receive what they visualize. Che Garman wrote, "Everyday visualize another detail of your perfect future."

1. In my over thirty years of working closely with leaders in almost all leadership related areas, I generally ask each leader what he wants to achieve from his regime. Almost invariably, in one manner or enough, these individuals have told me that they want to be successful. They often have exponentially different ideas of what success means, but they generally refer to success as accomplishment of their goals and aspirations. I almost always ask them if they feel good about their chances, and, to my dismay and disappointment, the response is generally something like, "I hope so," or "I'll try my best," or "I'm not certain," or "We'll see." Only a handful of these individuals that I have spoken to refer positively to their vision, and these rare individuals have told me that the visualize/ envision their goals and visions accomplished in a positive manner, and are certain that their efforts will bring these dreams to reality/ fruition. In almost all cases, it is these individuals who envision success who are in fact the greatest, most effective and successful leaders.

2. When someone begins a process with self- doubt, or even worse, visualizing or imagining the worst, almost invariably they get what they visualize. Great achievements require positive, uplifting, proactive, can- do visualizations, because only in that way can someone begin the process with the necessary positive mind set. My experience has clearly demonstrated to me that those who dream big, positive dreams, are the ones that have the greatest chance for greatness. Being in that position permits them to focus on the action plans and timetables needed to implement their visions, rather than focus on, and be distracted by, ancillary negative thoughts. Obviously, focused and committed leaders achieve far more than fearful and worried ones!

It is important to understand that merely visualizing success does not assure it. However, without that visualization, the chances for achievement diminish significantly. Those leaders who visualize positively, and then follow up with the many needed techniques of leadership that professional leadership trainers teach, are invariably the ones that are the greatest!

Richard Brody,with over 30 years consultative sales,marketing,training,managerial, and operations experience,has trained sales and marketing people in numerous industries, given hundreds of seminars, appeared as a company spokesperson on over 200 radio and television programs, and regularly blogs on real estate, politics, economics, management, leadership, negotiations, conferences and conventions, etc. He has negotiated, arranged and/ or organized hundreds of conferences and conventions. He's a Senior Consultant with RGB Consultation Services, an Ecobroker, a Licensed Buyers Agent (LBA) and Licensed Salesperson in NYS, in real estate.

Richard has owned businesses, been a Chief Operating Officer, a Chief Executive Officer, and a Director of Development, as well as a consultant. He has a Consulting Website ( http://tinyurl.com/rgbcons ), and his company PLAN2LEAD, LLC's site ( http://www.plan2lead.net/ ), and can be followed on Twitter

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