Leadership Coaching: What Is Personal Leadership?

Leadership is an ideal. People need leadership. They want it and respect it. But the thing with leadership is that it is much boasted but not a lot is accomplished, just like sexual braggadocio in a boys' locker room. There are many views of leadership as posited by management theorists. For instance, there is transformational leadership wherein leaders transform organizations based on a single vision. Situational leaders, on the other hand, exert guidance and direction when the situation calls for it. There is no one best leadership for all situations, but there is the right place for the right kind of leadership.

There is one type of leadership which is crucial but often overlooked- personal leadership. Acute self-confidence fortified by understanding and conviction is the major element of personal leadership. A leader of this sort knows personal mastery. He/she knows where they stand and where they are going and are willing to make the sacrifices to get there. One's beliefs and core values are essential in leading others.

Personal Leadership Situations

Here are some examples wherein personal leadership is exerted:

A woman who's just starting on her career recognizes a problem in their team and decides to do something to correct it.A leader of one team decides to approach the leader of the counterpart team to discuss how both their teams can cooperate better.A manager takes time to get to know his/her people by holding meetings without an agenda. He/she initiates talks to obtain feedback from subordinates.A manager that endeavors to teach both old and new employees about the norms of the organization and what his/her expectations are from and for the employees.

Personal mastery is demonstrated in these situations. The person becomes a leader who does something worthy without being told. He/she has taken the time to help people do their jobs more effectively. A "man on a white horse" is not depicted in these instances, but rather leaders who are grounded with the common sense to accomplish the job.

So what makes management really effective? Is good management about administering and directing skills? Management is a science of procedures and theories, and at the same time, management is an art. A good manager is also a leader who has the personal vision to take the initiative to do. A leader knows what needs to be done and is willing to do it. Personal leadership comes from within a person. It's strength comes from self confidence, self-knowledge and core beliefs.

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