Don't Get Trapped in Your Own Perspective and Judgment

I enter the room full of leaders attending a workshop for their development. Each person has their own expectations of the session and their own reason for coming. Their level of participation, interest, energy, and attitude will depend on their perspective and judgment about the course and perhaps even my credibility as their facilitator.

When I facilitate a session I request from my participants to challenge their perspective and suspend their judgment. These two words defined in this context as:

per·spec·tive, noun. Particular evaluation of something: a particular evaluation of a situation or facts, especially from one person's point of view
judg·ment,noun judg·ments plural. 1. Discernment or good sense: the ability to form sound opinions and make sensible decisions or reliable guesses 2. Opinion: an opinion formed or given after consideration

I ask them to make this conscientious choice so they open their minds to new learning and possibilities. It is when participants decide they "know" is when they stop listening.

This takes us back to the attitude of curiosity, which requires an open mind and flexibility in our thinking. The dictionary definition says,

cu·ri·os·i·ty noun,plural-ties. The desire to learn or know about anything; inquisitiveness.

When our minds are open to new information we become more aware, engaged, and present in the moment. We start to move the focus away from ourselves; away from thinking what you don't have, can't do, is taken from you, or why do you even have to be here. Instead you give, contribute, and collaborate.

It doesn't need to be only during a classroom session. Consider these situations: in a conversation with someone you know, in a meeting with the same people, in problem solving, decision making, in a conflict, in the midst of change, with a new team, and when looking into various options.

Challenge yourself by making these choices:

Suspend judgmentLet go of knowingLet go of your desire to be rightBe open to challenge and change your perspectiveConsider different and opposing thoughts / ideasLet go of your ego

Instead, focus your energy to build your curiosity.

How are you seeing your surroundings, situations, and interactions differently?What can you learn about yourself? About others?What is another perspective?What is most important to you? What are your objectives? What results do you want?What do others think? Feel? Know?What do other data, context, and information say?What does a quantum idea look like?

From this new way of thinking you have different and more choices which lead to more possibilities. See how it changes the way you usually make decisions, your demeanor, your energy, and your motivations.

Is this worth trying out? You can keep your old habit of thinking. Only don't expect different results. How long do you want to:

Rehash the same problem over and over and over?Have unresolved conflict?Be resistant to change?Be frustrated with current relationships?Be closed minded to new learning?Think you are limited?

If you had enough of the above, I request you challenge your perspective and suspend your judgement.

Rodeth Morse is a Transitional and Transformational Coach who has been in a Fortune Top 50 Company for over 19 years with over a decade in the Organizational Development field.

I'm here to support you as you build a solid foundation; to be more effective, gain confidence and live authentically.

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