Leadership Coaching: Why Do People Follow A Leader?

Charisma, Vision and Character

There are leaders, and there are followers. What sets a leader apart? A leader stands tall in the midst of the pack as he/she shines and exudes strength, judiciousness and character. Leadership charisma, vision and character are what attract followers. A key to understanding leadership is understanding followership. A leader has a goal and a vision, heading towards a certain direction. People who believe in the leader's vision and are confident in the leader's direction then become followers. The followers' belief and confidence in their leader enable and empower them to do their part in accomplishing their goals as a group.

A leader must be accountable and trustworthy. If problems or obstacles arise and the group falters, the leader takes responsibility and analyzes the situation. Accountability in leadership is taking control of the problem, not searching for people to blame. People choose to follow a trustworthy and responsible leader. Followers are motivated to strive and take risks without fear of punishment if they trust their leader.

Assurance And Skillful Communication

A leader makes promises, and followers trust in these promises. Followers believe that at the end of their journey, they will be recognized and rewarded for their efforts. Effective leadership knows how to answer when followers ask "What's in it for us"?

Skillful communication is crucial in successful leadership. A leader knows that there will be risks as they travel their chosen path, that's why he/she skillfully communicates the directions and risks to the followers. The followers can then properly carry out their tasks and responsibilities.

Where is leadership found? Too often, leadership finds its place in positional power. A leader may be the CEO, the founder of a business, the president, department head, or the person in charge. Leadership combined with positional power magnifies the ability of an individual to attract important followers. Ownership title of business owners, for one thing, gives a certain amount of respect, and therefore attracting followership. Then there is longevity, which is also an essential factor in attracting and retaining supporters. Followers could follow their leader for 10 years or more unless they lose trust in their direction.

The Keys To Successful Leadership

What qualities are essential to make leadership successful?

Making the choice to leadChoosing to be the person others choose to followCreating a vision for the futureInspiring othersBeing others- oriented, making people feel valued and appreciatedBeing ethical and living a life of valuesSetting the pace through expectations and leading by exampleCaring for others and acting with compassion

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