Ed Miliband - His Leadership Dilemma

It's TV's 'The Weakest Link'. And the following tough question is posed to a hopeful contestant. 'Politics - The Miliband Brothers are called David and?' 'Joe' comes back the answer, after a thoughtful pause.

This after a newspaper article described the public perception of the Labour Leader as 'weird'. And then there is the attack by Lord Glasman on Ed Miliband, describing his leadership as having 'no strategy, no narrative and little energy'.

Plus the recent incident on Derby Station, where the Upper Crust sandwich-maker, upon serving the Labour Leader, said 'It's David isn't it?'

The general public, right now, simply do not seem to know who Ed Miliband is. He has a major identity crisis on his hands. It's not that he isn't trying. But right now Ed can't connect with his audience.

He comes across as bright and genuine. But the general public do not know who Ed Miliband really is and what he stands for.

Ed - Why not for the next twelve weeks abandon London and get in the tour bus? Visit every major town and city in Britain. Five nights a week. And talk to people. Face to face. Field their questions. Hear their troubles. And fill them with hope and inspiration.

Let your guard down and show the British public who you really are. Be open, honest and caring. Talk to the people in a language they understand. Not of policy. But of empathy and problem-solving. Ditch the PR experts and be true to yourself.

Soon you will tap into the zeitgeist, and discover a language and tone that matches the needs of the times. People will learn who you really are and how you can help them.

It will take openness and honesty for Ed Miliband to commit himself to such a tasking. But right now, with his personal poll and recognition rating at a low point, he has nothing to lose and everything to gain.

It's in times of personal adversity, that a true leader finds the spirit of courage within themselves. And that time is now for the Labour Leader.

Sure it's early days for Ed as he integrates himself into the nations psyche. But public identification is critical. And if people don't yet know who Ed is, then he needs to clarify a few things.

He can't be seen as just another politician. People have had just about enough of that. They need something different. Something new.

Ed has to step out of the shadows of the Labour Party and the unions who support him. And rise above politics. He somehow has to create a vision of the future of Britain. And a strategy as to how we will fashion that future.

A vision that is uplifting and inspirational. That takes us out of the gloom of failing currencies and declining industries. A vision that is a picture of a new time. Of who and what Britain can become. A vision that we can believe in and subscribe to.

In other words, Ed Miliband has to become a visionary leader. He should surround himself with the most imaginative thinkers available. And with them, create a picture of Britain in ten years time. A Britain where the best of the nations strengths, qualities and talents is utilised.

The times call for daring and imagination. If Ed does has these qualities, then people won't be mistaking him for Joe or David. They will feel and know him to be the man leading the nation to the promised land of the future.

Martin Perry is a Leadership Coach. He helps modern leaders cross the bridge of change with natural confidence and self-assurance. He can be found at http://www.coachingtheleaders.co.uk/

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