How to Bring the Most Precious Things Into Your Life

This is a very powerful article for anyone interested in why they are not getting the results that they fell they should be getting out of life. First off, let me start off with this, anyone that has a fantastic relationship with their spouse has that relationship because they value their relationship immensely. The same can go for health, money, spiritual, etc. You are not less nor better than anyone else. The only difference between you and someone with great success in a life department has got to do with what they value. Let me explain. A person feels he is in a stinking relationship. He feels all of a sudden that his partner is unattractive, has not got a good personality, etc so basically he wants out.

Now I'm not saying that what he is saying is untrue but he must admit that he was highly attracted to her in the first place. Here is usually the truth of what happened. The man lost interest in the relationship or never valued the relationship. It was never a priority for him. What you focus on the longest becomes your strongest and you can bet your mortgage that his relationship was not his focus. Ultimately he divorces her and moves on fully believing that it was her to blame and he needs to find somebody else more compatible. If this person doesn't get woken up by someone, he is in for a life of pain when it comes to relationships. His next relationship will not work out because he again will not value it and so on and on... It's a vicious circle but hopefully after his second or third divorce, he finally starts to look in the mirror and change his ways.

The unfortunate thing here though is that there may be kids involved and so on. Don't make the mistake also that we may be discussing a drunk here or deadbeat here. This may not be so and very often this is true. It could be a very successful person who is so caught up in his work that his relationship with his spouse is non-existent. We must also discuss the spouse here. She holds equal blame in this situation. She may be a housewife and may be very helpful with the family and so on but if she is accepting the state of the relationship, she is also saying that she does not value her relationship. The same may happen for her if this particular relationship at some point breaks down. If she did not value it before, (Her staying in it was the proof that she didn't value it) the very same may happen to her in another relationship. There are real important lessons to take out of this piece.

The problem for a lot of married couples is that they stop dating when they get married. They don't value each other or the relationship any more. Don't get caught on the wrong side of a decision, start focusing on your partner, start dating them again. Put your relationship higher up your value list and you will bring true love and warmth back into your home. Why do you think a lot of lottery winners lose their winning withing a few short years?. Again its got to do with their values. Look, a person playing the lotto on the norm is a person who does not value saving. A lot of people spend $50 a week hoping they will strike it lucky with the lottery.

If they valued money, they would not be giving it way so easily. Delayed gratification is such a dying state in today's world. What was ever wrong with saving your money, invest it for the long-term and retire with a big pot of money in the bank. Oh, No that won't do, people need to bet and to do the lottery. They want the fix now. They want the big pay-day now. These people do not value money. To spend $100 or more on the lottery every month is like flushing your money down the toilet. To make matters worse, here is what happens to the people who do strike it lucky and win multiple millions in the lottery. It's a proven fact that in over 50% of lottery cases recorded, people lost their fortunes within 3 years. Why is this do you ask?. Its got to do with values again.

Money & wealth was never a priority for these people. If it was they would not be doing the lottery every week looking for the holy grail. Of course they wanted the money, but they didn't want to make it a top priority in their life. Why?. Because everyone wants more money but only a few will put in the long hours and work for it. They didn't want to start a business, that's tough, they didn't want to go to university and get a law or medical degree, that's tough, they didn't want to spend a lot of money on themselves, learn new skills, that's tough. What is easy is to do the lottery and when anything is easy, it is never a priority. In our example above about the relationship break down, it was easy for the couple to split as the relationship was definitely not a priority.

Same thing here. It makes sense when you think about it. How can money stay with a lotto winner for the long-term if they have spent thousands over the years doing the lotto?. If they didn't value money in the first place, it is a massive accident waiting to happen when a person with a mindset like this comes into money. So if you are reading this and you want to improve your financial situation, all you have to do is put a value on it. If you want to be financially independent one day and saving and investing is not in the top 5 of your hierarchy of values, I'm afraid it's never going to happen. It can't happen. So start watching where your money is going, start saving and investing. Give up the lotto if you thought that was your ticket to the good life.

Start taking responsibility. Believe me when I say, when you start to put a value on something, good things start to happen in that area. It all goes back to the basic law in life of cause and effect. By your thought, actions and feelings towards something you value, you will ultimately cause a positive effect in your life. Finally on health, another massive misdemeanor. How can you expect to be health if you don't value your health. Its mind-boggling that people get surprised that they got a heart attack because they smoked 40 cigarettes a day?. They think, wow, I didnt think this could happen to me. Why not?. You don't value something, you will see repercussions, maybe not today or tomorrow but one day you will.

At the very minimum three fast 3km walks per week to get your heart rate up will keep you in good health. It is so true that when you feel better, you will do better. Being fit is a vital part of personal development. Health in my opinion should be number one on your value list. Without it, you will have mood swings, headaches, sleepless nights, etc. Get out there and make yourself tired. People who eat well and exercise never have problems sleeping. Until next time, God Bless..!

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