How to Change Life for the Better

I don't know about you, but when I reflect back on my life and consider some of the most trying times I've been through, if often comes down to one thing: A choice that I made... a bad choice.

So how do we make decisions and choices that serve us?

It's really quite easy. So easy, in fact, that it almost seems impossibly easy.

There's a kind of automatic tendency to believe that decisions have to be difficult, especially the big decisions. It almost seems gratifying to mull things over, to think-think-think, to puzzle through, to agonize.

Have you ever been there... what's the last decision you had to make?

As gratifying as it may seem to come out the other side with this seemingly brilliant decision after racking our brains, I think we do it because making an easy decision somehow doesn't feel right.

Or is it because we've made snap decisions in the past and they haven't turned out so well. And as a result, we've decided to take our time in the next important decision so it doesn't kick us in the butt!

May I just say how many times I've done this in relationships!

Here's what I've learned. Thinking-thinking-thinking is a sign. It's often a warning sign. Life decisions don't have to be so complicated. And they also don't have to be made in a snap decision. Life decisions only require one question: "Do I feel contracted? Or do I feel expanded?"

That's why, as a member of the human race, we come fully-loaded with our own, state-of-the-art, Inner GPS System. It's our own personal, internal guide that keeps us headed in the right direction by sending nature's messages about what's up ahead. Paying attention to our Inner GPS means being able to tell when things are expanding all around us and moving us forward, or when they're contracting and holding us back.

Basically, that feeling of expansion is like a green light, telling us that it's safe to move ahead toward whatever thing or experience we're pursuing. Those are the times when we can feel safe that the step we're about to take is the right one.

On the other hand, when we feel contraction, that's like a red light telling us to stop whatever we're doing and not move forward.

This is how we begin to change life for the better, and make better choices.

I'm curious... what was the last really great choice you made?

Rémy Chaussé is the bestselling author of "Living Life As An Exclamation Point!" She's one of the leading experts in optimism, and believes, "We all have at least one true passion in life... but more than that, we have a legacy. We weren't put on this earth to struggle or just survive. We were put here to express our one unique strength, and that uniqueness IS our legacy." Rémy helps you unleash the vision within, and bring your legacy to life through workshops, seminars, and custom designed challenges. Visit for 5 free videos on how to get unstuck. And be watching for the announcement of the brand new FREE tele-seminar called "Find Your Passionate Life in 5 Easy Steps - How to create stunning new possibilities in life!" (email for the current schedule).

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