Developing Confidence As A Leader

On what does a strong sense of self-worth-confidence-depend? Money? Good looks? High intelligence? Nice clothes? An important job? An expensive car? Love? Helping other people? What if I were to tell you, you can be confident without any of that? Do not believe me? Well, in fact, it is true. Just as you can smile for no particular reason (simply raise the corner of your mouth) and laugh for no particular reason (try it) you also can be confident without any particular reason. You do not need permission from anybody to be confident. Many people think confidence has to be based on achievements. Confidence comes from the inside, no one can give it to you, just as I can not make you rich, more handsome, or more beautiful. It is all up to you, I know you may desire a quick fix to increase your confidence, but developing confidence is a process.

Where are you now? When you enter a room full of strangers do you: A: Sink into a corner and watch? B: Look for a person alone and team up? C: Stride around the room, greeting everyone as you go?

It does not matter where you are there is always room for improvement. Confidence is entirely a matter of mind. It maybe a fact that you are not tall, or able to wear designer clothes or drive a sports car, but you can still be confident. It is your attitude that counts. And this is not theory. When I first met my wife Deborah, over 10 years ago I was only making $6.15 an hour and I did not have a college degree. She had a Master's degree and a salary paying job. She never knew how much I made, my attitude was that of a multi-millionaire. When she found out that I did not have a college education she was in shock, but she could not resist this stud. It was my confidence in myself that won her over, I knew I was going to be wealthy in a matter of time.

I am going to share with you my secret weapons for building confidence. The only requirement is that you apply them immediately.

Visualization: See Yourself As the Person You Desire To Be. Create that vision, and live the vision. It took me from $6.15 an hour to millions.

Affirmations: Develop The Habit Of Speaking Positive Words To Yourself. Your voice is the sweetest sound to your ears. Remember you can not expect someone else to speak nice things to you, if you are not willing to.

Record Yourself: Set aside at least 15 minutes and record yourself either on camera or on an audio recorder. Have a good friend critique you. Also leave a message on your phone and see how you sound when you leave messages on someone else's voicemail. This is to help you become confident with your own image and voice.

Do Not Compare Yourself to Others: Be Authentic. No one respects a "Me Too". Be who God created you to be. Find your true self and love it.

Take Action: Next time you are at a social gathering, introduce yourself to someone new and make a friend.

Challenge: Introduce yourself to 7 new people this week. You can do it you are a Confident Leader.

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