10 Best Leadership Qualities

Leadership is defined as the ability to get other to follow and commit to a call to action. Every business needs leaders at every level of their operation. Leadership isn't an inherent quality. It's taught to anyone at any age. Here are 10 important traits you must develop to be effective as a leader.

Have a vision. He who is blind is lost. Know what it is you want and how you're going to get there. Hard to have people look up to you if you have no idea what you're all about.
Integrity. Integrity is your ability to walk to talk. That you beliefs are in your actions. Being honest, having a calm consistent demeanour, and being fair are sign of integrity. A leader who knows his center will be well liked and approachable to his followers.
Gives praise where praise is due. A good leader shares in successes and takes the heat when things don't go well. Ensuring that as many people as possible in their organization will make people feel good about themselves and draw people your team closer. Take the blame, share the blame is a hallmark of good leadership.
Humility. Good leaders realize that they are no better than anyone else in their team, and understand that every person is valuable to the success of their endeavour. They also understand that just because they're the boss, that doesn't make them God.
Openness. Good leaders are open to new and creative ideas. They think outside of the box. They can suspend their judgements while listening to others, while accepting other ways of doing things if someone else suggests it. It creates mutual respect, it also creates an endless resource of ideas that can further their vision.
Creativity. This is the ability to think differently. To be unorthodox in thinking that can constrain solutions. Creativity allows leaders to see things others haven't in order to lead their team into new directions.
Effective communications. Good leaders are precise with ideas, and are kind when the need to admonish. They kind, and refrain from vulgarity. People need reaffirmation, good leaders praise for good work. They're people persons. Their best attribute is being able to communicate face to face with confidence, and knowledge, with the power of proper language skills.
Team building. No man is an island unto himself. You're only as good as the people you surround yourself with. Effective leaders know that having the right people in key places will afford the best opportunities for success, while at the same time giving them some peace of mind.
Respect. A leader understands and respects every person that follows. While being the "boss" they keep up a level of dignity that is given and expected in return. Places known as excellent employers have leaders within their company where the respect is mutually given from leader to follower.
Confidence. Nobody will follow a wishy-washy personality. When you know what hit's the fan, your followers will want you to take charge, take responsibility, stay calm, and think straight.  Believing in yourself, will be the basis for others to believe in you, your vision, and in your abilities.

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Diana Guess said...

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