Leadership Coaching: Passion That Makes A Difference

"You Have To Wake Up If You Want To Dream" - Paulo Coelho

In this millennial generation, people have been proselytized to pursue their dreams. You have the heart of an artist? Then follow your passion, they say. Purse a course in liberal arts. Be a talented graphic designer or a great writer. Do what you love. And most people think that this will make them happy. But reality strikes, and sometimes it hits hard. In times of a recession when companies have to implement cost cutting measures and even do lay- offs, where does it leave the passionate worker? Following your dream and working for your passion is an all too common tagline, but contradicted by the workings of the practical world, it can leave a person suffering the anguish of an uncertain future.

The generation Y grew up with a jobless generation. Today is a different world. In an era ruled by technology, today's twentysomethings begin to realize the grand betrayal of the idols of passion. The philosophy of following and living your passion does not seem to apply to this generation, or otherwise it would feel incomplete. A different frame of reference is more apt, and it is no longer about passion, but focusing on finding bigger problems.

Fulfill Your Humanity

It is all about focusing on resolving a problem, which then becomes the basis of decision- making. It is no longer about the self anymore. The question is about what you can do. How can you contribute something of value? Working on resolutions to bigger problems compensates a person in bigger ways. Not necessarily in terms of fiscals, but in terms of the fulfillment of one's humanity. The focus shifts from the self to others and the wider world. Rendering your focus outwards makes you less self absorbed. You begin to worry less about what makes you happy, which ironically makes you happier.

Education, poverty, climate change, sustainability, healthcare, technology and urbanization, among others are some of the big problems that call for attention and facility. There may have been too much focus on knowing the self, and this has caused an imbalance. As we have gotten to know and reconnected with ourselves and fortified ourselves, we need to expand our awareness. It is then time to know the world. Be aware and be sensitive to situations around you- the problems of the poor and the marginalized, and so on. The call of the Earth for us to take care of it. What problems affect you in a personal way? If you "feel" for a certain problem, it will be easy for you to be involved and do something about it.

The Fire Of Life To Light The Earth

Passion is what makes people truly live. It is the fire of life. The true balance is when we use this passion not only to fulfill ourselves, but to alleviate the burdens of the world. We cannot do something well if we don´t know ourselves and if we don´t have the drive. Solving bigger problems need bigger people. Bigger people are those who have a solid sense of self and they are willing to extend themselves for the greater good.

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