Men in Ministry Fighting For a Generation

As Men in Ministry it is our responsibility to reach the generations around us. Whether the generation is Generation X, Generation Y, the Baby Boomers or the Greatest Generation. Not my job, I have children, that is enough, I do not know how to talk the language; all good honest excuses but they are excuses. Here, let us talk about reaching Generation Y. This generation is referred to by a number of names. Some of the names are The Facebook Generation, The Millennial Generation, Generation Next or the Echo Boomers. Whatever the name we give to Generation Y it is generally agreed to be the age demographic between 14 and 29. The generation in America numbers about 70 Million it is the largest segment entering the work force.

To fight for Generation Y let us take a look at some of the characteristics of the generation.

Tech Savvy: This generation grew up with technology in full swing. They are likely plugged in 24 hours a day. Email is a passé text messaging and Facebook Communication is prevalent. Frequently they relate by being part of a group, in fact going on "group dates" rather than the one on one night out is a norm.
Family Centric: The fast track in business though working long hours and all the days has lost its attraction. They look for family and a better work life balance. Meaningful work is important and the generation is good at questioning authority. We may think of the "why question" as a moniker of Generation Y.
Achievement-Oriented: The generation is confident, ambitious and achievement oriented. They have high expectation of their leaders. The generation Y is not afraid of new challenges, truing and not succeeding is much better for them that not trying at all. They will try often to succeed.
Team-Oriented: Generation Y is comfortable on a team. They grew up in play groups, team sports and may have earned their advanced degree by working on a team throughout the experience.
Attention-Craving: Attention in the form of feedback and guidance. They appreciate being informed as a form of attention. Generation Y will benefit from a mentor to guide them and help them develop spiritually, socially and professionally.

This should give us some fundamentals for how to reach out to Generation Y and become a relevant part of their life.

Let us not read too much into this but I would say being real, living real in the ministry is very important to Generation Y. Be the example, by living the life we profess. Hypocrites need not apply for the army to fight for Generation Y.

Iron sharpens iron rings true for reaching Generation Y, as we need to live what we are promoting be the sharpening iron. Given this, which should be obvious in all our life. Let us look at a possible formula to reach and fight for Generation Y.

Communicate in the way they are comfortable communicating; text and Facebook will have to be a large part of the communication activity. The communication will likely be in short specific spurts. Work together with them on challenges, assist don't tell and encourage success all along the way to the goal. You are a partner not a dictator.

The hard part is helping them realize that the life the way the world prefers, and all or most of their friends prefer, produces the results, which they may not prefer. Showing through real example that living for Jesus will produce a life with no regrets and a fabulous future. Hopefully you can be that example.

In Glad Tidings Mens Ministry International active men in ministry making a difference is our goal.

Our vision is to love God, Love our families, love each other and love the community of San Francisco, CA. It is our mission to demonstrate this love in all aspects of our lives.

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